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The New Air Cadet Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF)

 if youíve just got yours and donít know where to put it, here is the answer.

The TRF is to be sewn centrally onto the RIGHT sleeve of either the CS95 shirt or jacket, 7.5cm from the shoulder seam.  It is to be level and when worn, perpendicular to the floor.  Also it should be creased down the middle Ė this crease should be in the same place as the crease in your sleeve. Under no circumstances, is it to be sewn onto the wet weather Gortex Jackets

This is the only approved version and any other design or copy available through civil sources is not to be worn.                      

Tip: In order to make sure the TRF stays creased and flat, use the spray function on your iron (if it has one) and completely soak the flash.  Then run the iron over the flash until the water has evaporated.  Be sure not to leave the iron in one place! It will burn your uniform!

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